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3) Lisette 
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9-29-2014 03:56 Write a comment


For my MA thesis on Cherokee heritage in North Georgia I visited a couple of museums there. One of them was the Funk Heritage Center. I wanted to include clear pictures of the petroglyph and the dioramas in the appendix of my work, and I was wondering whether I could use the pictures from your website. I will mention the source and copy rights of course.

Thank you in advance.

Bruce 9-29-2014 11:00
Hi Lisette,
You're welcome; I have sent you an email.
Cheers, Bruce
2) AmRuins 
Chicago, IL
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6-26-2014 14:38 Write a comment

Followed your link on Mountain Cove Farm cover photo, very nice work!


Bruce 6-26-2014 15:41
Good to hear from you, Sherpa! You probably remember me posting many "pine covered ruiners from GA" from the album below on Transportation Wednesday!
1) Alan K. 
New Hampshire
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6-20-2014 17:51 Write a comment

You have some great photos of so many interesting places! I really like your research and explorations of the old ruins in your area. Looking forward to seeing more of your discoveries!

Bruce 6-26-2014 15:48
Thanks, Alan!
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