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1) Lee Star 
Atlanta, GA
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4-24-2016 00:30 Write a comment

I found your great site by accident when I was searching to find out what the ruins we came across were. Pretty sure it was the remains of the Howard Cement Company Kiln. It's not overgrown anymore, looks like they've been clearing the land. I hope they won't tear down the rest of it! We talked to the owners of the private property next to it, and even they didn't know what it was. Very neat.

Bruce 4-24-2016 22:31
Thanks Leah! I had heard that the site was under new ownership and that they had cleared around the ruins. Back a few years ago, the Society for Georgia Archaeology had met with the former owner and Bartow historian JB Tate about clearing it, but nothing ever came of it. What a difference in your FB pic! I never would have recognized the place!
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