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1) Frank 
Pittsburgh area, Pennsylvania
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8-19-2016 18:34 Write a comment

Hi, first passion is rock and mineral collecting...see my page on the MinDat website.

Second passion is locating the old stone iron furnaces in western Pa. ....see my article #22.

Through the 1700's and into the 1800's iron production here was staggering. At one time Pa. lead the USA in iron production. Many many many old stone furnace remains are scattered about in all stages of decay. Some of the furnaces are in preservation parks. Others are in the wild, lost and forgotten to history. Some are so overgrown standing next to one you can not see the rock or workmanship that went in to it's construction. It makes you wonder why a furnace was built where it the middle of no-where.

You have photographed some of the furnace remains of Georgia.

My reason for contacting you:

Planning next years guessed Georgia. Want to pan for gold in the northern part of the state up around Helen and Dohlonega and to visit Graves Mountain for rock collecting.

When on collecting trips (I am a private collector, not a dealer nor do I sell specimens) I try to locate info for any iron furnaces where I may be. Have a beautiful photo collection of these old timers.

Would you be able to give me directions to the furnaces you photographed, GPS coordinates are even better? The Internet is lacking the info I seek.

Had to shorten my message.

Would you reply for a chat?

Thank you


Bruce 8-19-2016 22:35
Hi Frank, Thanks for the comments. I sent you an email and will get back to you with more details soon.
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