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1) Bernie Boyer 
Johns Creek, Georgia
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1-2-2017 14:02 Write a comment

Thank you for your recent comments on my Smugmug site. You are correct about the bushwhack up the Left Fork of the Soquee! Particularly, during the foliage "season". There is a lot more above the second waterfall but I have never gotten up there.
Take a look at my hike to the Chinquapin Branch. Very isolated but not nearly as much underbrush.
I looked at your photos and, as always, you are an artist in capturing the scene. So far, I have managed to maintain my independence from Facebook. All my waterfall friends in NC have accounts so they keep me informed of stuff I might be interested (in).
Congratulations on your new home in the mountains! I know you will treasure every day; as we did. However, you do have to watch out for the traffic jams around Ingles on Friday afternoons!

PS: I talked to the lady at "Mark of The Potter about pronunciation of Soquee. She said it was "So-qwee". Long 'o' and long 'e' with emphasis on the last syllable. Even local people often disagree on pronunciation?
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