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1) Joan Hair 
Sandy Springs, GA
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12-2-2017 19:51 Write a comment

I went over to Lefler Mill at Life University this afternoon. I really appreciated your images before going, but even more so now, if that is possible. It was a little late in the season to get the great colors, and a little late in the afternoon, given that they were closing the parking lot at four because of a game, and one could not get in or out between 4 and 6, so I had to hustle. I'm curious to know if you recall what year you were there and if you were wearing waders wink (o: Or maybe there is a path going down on the other side of the creek that I missed in my haste. Despite it all, though, I got some nice images that will be even better after some PP, but they pale in comparison to yours. It was impossible to get shots that weren't obscured by trees, without wading far into the creek, or somehow getting on the other side of the dam, still, all in all, it was well worth the effort. I know I will go back, especially if you can tell me how to get on other side, now that I am more familiar with the lay of the land. Again, thanks for your site . . . I love your images!

Bruce 12-3-2017 20:22
Joan, I'll get back to you via email. -Bruce
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