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1) Michael Lance 
Central Virginia
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5-12-2015 16:54 Write a comment

Really enjoyed your pictures of the furnaces in Bartow County, GA. I grew up there near Stamp Creek and it was always exciting to be tramping through the woods and come upon one of the furnaces. The Union Furnace is in much worse shape than I remember it (I think it is the one near the bridge on Stamp Creek Road.). The last time I saw it was probably in 1979 or 1980. I remember another one a ways up the creek from there - must be the Guthrie Creek one. A friend and I ran across it on hike up the creek, probably onto Dick Brown's place. We would always come across various rock piles (walls, bridges, dams, etc.) and wonder at what had been there before. When I grew up there in the 60s and 70s, the area was sparsely populated.

Thanks for the memories!

Bruce 5-12-2015 18:24
Michael, that whole Stamp Creek area is a great place for exploring. I find something new every time I'm in there. If you didn't already see it, I have another series of pages on Pine Log WMA which covers that area. Also a page on the Jones Factory ruins on Stamp Creek.
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