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1) Charlie Parmelee 
Marietta, GA
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7-20-2015 14:27 Write a comment

I too have an interest in historical 19th century ruins. Over a period of years I have found most of the iron furnaces around Lake Allatoona, including the Etowah furnace which is submerged deep below the surface of the lake. I have looked for the Bear Mountain furnace - which is described as being on the headwaters of Stamp Creek. I don't think the Diamond Furnace is the Bear Mountain furnace. The post of Michael Lance made here indicates he found a furnace "a ways up the creek" from the Union/Ford furnace. That is an area I have searched - but only about the first mile or so. That may be less than "a ways". The Diamond furnace is certainly NOT upstream from the Union furnace. I would be very interested in any additional info Mr. Lance could provide about the furnace he found upstream from the Union furnace.

Bruce 7-20-2015 23:37
Charlie, yeah, that whole series of furnaces has been confusing. When I first posted those on our website several years ago, I originally had several labeled incorrectly, based in part on earlier IDs by folks. It has taken a lot of research, with intensive examination of deeds and other records by Vicki Crowe at Bartow Ancestors, to sort these out, and it's still a work in progress. BTW, she told me recently she has uncovered new info on the Diamond furnace while researching her book on John Lewis. I've covered a good deal of upper Stamp Creek, up past the waterfalls, and not seen any sign of other furnaces, although I was looking for other things at the time.
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