Logo Pumpkinvine Furnace or Kiln
Emerson, Bartow County, GA
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Per Lesley's Iron Manufacturer's Guide: "The most important localities are on... the lots numbered 1038 and 1040
near the (Pumpkinvine) canal. On the former, the ore and limestone are found near together and more convenient
to the proposed site of a blast furnace at the termination of the canal, which was dug... to give good water power."
This furnace is on Lot 1038, so it might be the furnace site that he referred to.   Little else is known about this site.

The design/form of this structure is different from any other furnaces or kilns in the local area.
Rather than a stand-alone structure, the furnace is built into the side of an earthen hill/bank.

Front view of Pumpkinvine kiln/furnace

Front arch (or eye) of kiln/furnace

Kiln/furnace top

Side view of kiln/furnace

Looking down kiln/furnace chimney - loading hole.

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