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Chattahoochee National Forest
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A waterfall exploration along a tributary of the Soque River

First (Lower) Falls
These falls are about 15 feet high.   Unfortunately, this huge 2 foot
diameter tree trunk is sitting in the middle of the falls.

Second Falls
Rhododendron, deadfall, and terrain precluded a clean shot of this triple falls.

Third Falls
This one has the potential to be impressive after some steady rains.

Detail - Third Falls

Another detail - Third Falls

A re-visit a few months later...

When I visited Wolfpen Branch in January, I only went a little past what I called the Third Falls.   The water flow was getting so low that it wasn't worth going further.   After seeing on GE/GT what looked like an additonal waterfall just beyond my turnaround point, I wanted to make a return visit; had to wait for some good rain to replenish the water:

Fourth Falls
A nice 30-35 foot drop, with another 10-15 foot of cascading drop just below.

Fourth Falls on Wolfpen Branch- profile view

I also revisited Third Falls - it had more water than on my earlier visit...

Third Falls, from the opposite side.

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